Monday, December 30, 2013

You never can tell

 Yesterday's casual but turned out to be very chic looking  outfit was inspired by Victoria's Secret Catalog look:
 I wanted an outfit that would be comfortable majority of the day when I was home but then chic when I went out. And this worked out great. Funny how adding a cool jacket, hat and booties can make a sweat pant and tee look so cool….

Jacket - Thrifted
Tee - Kika Paprika
Sweat Pants - Forever 21
Hat - Asos
Calf Hair Booties - Steve Madden

The kids were at my mom's so we had a totally relaxing morning after sleeping in as much as I could which was like 8 AM. We even got to finish some of the shows we were behind then my hubby left to watch the Chargers game with my dad and I had the whole house to do laundry and watch TV while working on my annual album on snapfish. It is taking me forever cause I waited until end of December to start and each month is about 10-12 pages. I am only up to July by now….

The kids had a blast at my mom and step dad's though. My daughter had asked for a zipline for christmas for their back yard and they installed it for them…


  1. how fun...the zip line. i never thought to install one on our own! wishing you and the family a happy new year!!!

  2. They ziplined practically all day with brakes for lunch and snacks!!!
    Great Idea for kids but you need to supervise at all times and wait as a human shield at the end of the pole just in case they cannot stop themselves:)
    Love your outfit and I am glad you had some time to yourself babe.


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