Sunday, December 29, 2013

Every turn a surprise

Yesterday's interesting combo was inspired by J Crew's 'looks we love' segment from Oct 2013:
 I hate that they make their photos non savable so I have to print them out…

I liked that this combo combined interesting colors of white, mint, burgundy and silver metallic!

Hat, Sweater, Purse - Forever 21
Scarf - Costco
Skirt - Zara
Oxfords - Shoedazzle

We had a fun morning with the kids taking them to the Science Center museum. My son was acting all crazy jumping from one exhibition to the other not having the focus to listen to what each did. They never wanted to leave.
When we came home though I just passed out. I was so tired for some reason and had to lay down.
My husband went to play tennis then we dropped off the kids at my mom and step dad's and went out for a dinner and a movie. Yes a movie again! Saw the Hobbit finally. It was OK. But very very slow and dragged and we were having a hard time staying awake.

Blue teeth from the icee he drank:

Outfit put together herself. She has been into monochromic colors lately. 
Either all white or all pastel blush pink in this instance:

 You make planes out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners and try to get them to fly more than a minute in the tube...

 They did a music show with these drones every half hour...

On the way home after finishing her ice cream sandwich she falls a sleep….

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  1. Nice duplication on this outfit. You amaze me, on how you can so closely recreate so many outfits. Love the ice-cream face!


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