Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I don’t play no games so don’t get it confused

 I LOVED today's combo…  

The inspiration was Rihanna on 'Who What Wear' site (I know again….):

I re-created the combo using my lace baseball cap, coated skinnies and the new shaggy cropped sweater….

I feel my bronze and pewter studded hoops are a lot cooler actually

And what made the outfit I think were my new slip on sneakers… These are popping everywhere now and I like jumping on a trend early on… I wanted a pair that had a thick sole so they make a statement. I have too many animal print shoes so went with solid black instead...

Hat, Sweater, Jeans - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Amazon
Earrings - Thread Show
Belt - Ralph Lauren
Sneakers - Sam Edelman CIRCUS

TODAY (Wednesday):
Started the morning with decorating the leprechaun trap a little but we had to stop and go to preschool.

After class we visited my brother in law who had surgery yesterday. Had lunch at their house then went to pick up my son and came home to finish our decorating projects.
My daughter is not a minimalist to say the least so it is very blingy and decorated on all sides….

Front View:


Right Side:

Left Side 
(the side my daughter did all on her own and I stopped my self from interfering):

We then worked on my son's school project which was to decorate a shemrock with all the things he feels he is lucky. Wrote this presentation on the back so he could hold it up and present that way.
Need to take a photo of that tomorrow….

After homework and a whole slew of snack we went to swim practice then back to home for baths (which now kids take them on all their own until the end where I finish up washing and rinsing)…
Then my son worked on a leprechaun trap on his own using his link'n'logs….


  1. I love this outfit and altogether it came very chic. Love the shoes the hat and the glasses. All the poses are new and cute:)
    Love the leprechaun box , decorated sooo cute and Trevors link-n-log trap!! Such colorful pictures indeed.

  2. amazing slipons!


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