Sunday, March 2, 2014

Young wild and free

 Today's (Saturday) combo was inspired by J Crew catalog (Winter 2013):

When I saw this combo I thought my neon trench coat and loved unexpected combo of putting neon yellow with blush pink….

Realized when I open the coat I kind of need something so you will see I ran up and added the neon necklace...

For a day of shopping though I switched the heels with my brand new black and white loafers which were a Christmas present

Neon Trench - Nine West (Thrifted)
Blush T-Neck - Gap
Cashmere Beret - Nordstrom
Jeans, Heels - Forever 21
Loafers - Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses - Vogue

We had a field trip to Ice Skating arena with my daughter's pre-school class.
She doesn't know how to skate of course but she loved getting on the ice and after around with me, with 3 of her friends she wanted to go on her own and asked me to not come with her and if I wanted to take photos to take them from the bleachers! She just turned 5!!!!

After the ice skating we went direct to my son's school to pick him up couple hours early and got on the road north right away. It was pouring rain and a hard drive but no traffic thank goodness. Met my in-laws about 100 miles north and they took the kids to take them to their house for the weekend while I drove the same road back again in pouring rain. When I got home I was so exhausted from driving and all the intense concentration on the road during rain, so I laid down for a nap.
When my husband came home we enjoyed our first kid free night and went out to dinner…

Weird waking up to no kids. The house just doesn't feel right without them. We had breakfast then got some chores done and showered and went to an indoor mall that is 30 minutes from my house to meet my sister there. We hung out and checked out our favorite stops.
Then met up with the whole family for a dinner and a movie night.
Making the most of our free weekend….

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