Monday, March 3, 2014

Same old song and dance

Today's combo was inspired by Who What Wear website again:

Just laid back and casual but the pop color hat kind of makes the outfit…
I don't like these photos much though. The combination of that neckline of the sweater and the hat just makes my face fuller it seems. Oh well now that I see the photos I realize that.

Sweater Cape - Old Navy
Leather Sleeve Top, Jeans - Forever 21
Hat - Lucky
Purse -
Boots - Vintage Jeffrey Campbell
Bracelets - Cookie Lee & Fossil

Oh my goodness the house was an absolute mess this morning, since I was out all day yesterday and the kids had come back from a weekend away and whenever I am out within even 1 hour the house get quite out of hand. So, this morning had my husband take my son to give me a bit more time so I could unpack and put away everything and get the house back to normal. My friend brought her daughter again so I could take her to preschool while she spends time with her newborn.
After school we came home so I can continue picking up the house and starting laundry and cleaning the fridge. Then it was picking up my son coming home for a slew of snacks the boy has to eat before feeling full and homework then to swim practice then home to showers and dinner and bed time.

I got Spring on my mind now. Since I spent two days browsing the stores and seeing the new upcoming trends I am constantly imagining spring outfits with the pieces I have and figuring out what I would like vs. really need etc…  I love the start of new season. So many new opportunities...

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  1. I don't know how you do all that and find time for dressing and jewelry and taking pictures even sharing!!!
    I don't know how I do what i do either but you have passed me ! Love your outfit and the booties are precious:)


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