Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moto Girl

Today's biker chic combo was saved from a photo on the Duju Fashion blog:

Jacket and Jeans and necklace - Forever 21
Top - From Turkey
Boots - Steve Madden

My husband dropped off my daughter at my mom's so I could chaperone my son's class field trip to the aquarium…
There were a lot of comments from the other mommy chaperones and the teacher how we were the best dressed family!…
Kids had a great time and they were such an incredible class of kids so well behaved and good natured and all so smart and attentive during the lab lecture.

My 'cool' son:

The Octopus on the move...

Having fun at the Tide Pools

With his teacher (who I love she is so stylish and modern…)

Making a news recording video:


  1. wow, that octopus is huge!! this is a great moto jacket! both you and the teacher are very modern and stylish!

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  2. The biker look is so attractive on women. You look chic and cool in these fun clothes.

    Yesterday I posted pix of my new actual biker gear. It's much thicker and heavier than yours, but serves a real purpose of protecting my butt. I like how it inspires fashion.


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