Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fresh Start

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by a pinterest post:

I am all into simple casual creations this week so expect a similar combo tomorrow! :)

Going all rose gold and sipping my suja juice….

Denim Shirt - J Crew
Jeans - Forever 21
Sneakers - Sam Edelman Circus
Necklace and Ring - Cookie Lee
Bracelet - Bauble Bar
Purse - DKNY

Started the morning running errands then went to the outdoor class with my daughter then to the indoor play area. Met up with a friend there to catch-up. After picking up my son we came home and worked on my daughter's first lego set. We add a different room every other day.
And once again I was able to fit in a workout while they had their dinner. Since I did upper body Monday, I did lower body. Well needless to say today I can barely sit and stand. I love it though.
What is so cool is my muscles just remember the workouts so I can do them with ease which is great.
And my 'Fresh Start' is going great. The juices are out of this world delicious and the tiny meals are surprisingly filling and I am not hungary. I do drink 2 liters of water so that helps as well.


  1. saçlar çok yakışmış <3 bu arada pantolona ve tüm aksesuarlarına bayıldım, harika görünüyorsun <3

  2. loving your kicks! i'm all for simple looks these days, too! hope you are doing well!!


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