Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Object of Lesson

Yesterday's super casual look was inspired by Bee from Atlantic Pacific:

Super simple and casual but I need some outfits like these when I want to take it super easy...

Denim Jacket - H&M
Top and Coated Jeans - Forever 21
Sneakers - Converses

Went to my son's school this morning to watch him get an Award. Every kid gets an award once throughout the year and they do these mini ceremonies to reward the kids. But each reward is customized and written by the teacher elaborately so it is very nice. And the principal comes to each and everyone and reads the rewards out loud.
My son's reward was overall Academic Excellence. He acts like he doesn't care but you can tell he really does. So cute.
After we went to my daughter's school. Then it was off to 'Whole Foods' for grocery and cleansing juice shopping. This week I am going to do a 3 day juice and fresh food nutrition plan and next week a 3 day all juice plan. Whole Foods sells all the juices I needed and all other ingredients  I needed like chia seeds and flax seeds and coconut oil etc….
I am also starting strength training and giving cardio a bit of a break. Going to come up with my own program mixing P90X, Insanity and T25 workouts. Doing something different everyday motivates me. Plus I started sneaking in the workouts early evening before the kids go to bed. My son likes to watch or join and hopefully it sets a good example.

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