Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pure Elements

 Wednesday's outfit as I promised another casual outfit. Also going with this white denim or light wash combo's this week too. 
Inspiration from 'Who What Wear' site:

Simple silver accessories today...

Drinking my morning Juice. This one was my favorite flavor the bitterness of chili combined with the sweet fruits just make it sooooo yummy….

Fedora, necklace - Target
Eyelet Blouse - Lucky
Destroyed Jeans - Forever 21
Oxfors - Bass

Went to class then a very quick costcto shoppting as we have snack day coming up Friday. Then rushed to my son's school to pick him and back to home to unload all the groceries and do homework. 
Then my stepdad came to hang out and take my son to swimming. That gave me an extra hour so I fit in a 'Kenpo' work out which is P90X's kickboxing tape. Then shower and cooked dinner and my cousin stopped by to see us and the kids. Needless to say I am sooooo sore. My juice and mini meal plan is going great though. I love the juices and how they make me feel. 

Here are some cute photos from yesterday and today (Thursday):

Girls brading each other's hair during circle time (something they shouldn't be doing):

And boys playing football today at the park with the help of one of the dad's…
Taken with the phone camera so not that great...

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  1. That juice sounds intriguing. I'm going to give it a try.


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