Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Chill Factor

This was my outfit Friday… Loosely inspired by this Polyvore post:

I added the animal print elements (hat and belt) for fun….

In the patches of snow we found behind our relatives house in Manchester, NH….

 Hat, Sweater, Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - Ann Taylor
Boots - Steve Madden
Coat - H&M

Had not outfit photo Thursday cause I was solo… But the inspiration was this:

I of course had snow boots instead of the shoes. At home I would worn my black and white lizard print loafers…

My sister in law couldn't join us cause she had to take their doggie to the vet so we decided to venture on our own. Figured out a bus route to the Science Center in Boston where the duck boat tours take off and made it just in time for the morning tour… Of course we first had to pack up and check out of the hotel. Given that it was a walk up, took me couple trips to bring all the luggage down and store it at the B&B…
The duck boat tours are cute for people with kids or people that are elderly. Otherwise it is a big tourist thing and you just briefly see the sights and don't get a true feeling of them. But it does provide a lot of history and they do make it fun for kids. Kids that are my kids' age would be bored with any further sight seeing anyways…

After the duck boat tour we had lunch at the Science Museum then took the bus back to our hotel. Utilized their afternoon tea and cookie treats again then lounged in the lobby area until relatives came to pick us up.
We had an hour ride to Manchester, NH with my husband’s uncle and aunt. The weather was at least 10 degrees cooler there and the kids went nuts the second we got out of the car at the sight of patches of snow left on the ground…

The uncles took turns staying outside with the kids while I got to relax and chat with the aunts. We had a nice big family dinner with everyone and went to bed. Of course my daughter took 3 hours to go to sleep but oh well…

Kids woke up early and thank goodness the aunt and uncle were awake to cook them homemade pancakes for breakfast and I got to sleep in a little.
We got dressed and ventured off into the woods, which is their backyard. The kids are not used to this much land and nature… They actually have a Brooke in their back yard. The city’s water runs down from the back into it. It is gorgeous.
The paths in the woods had untouched snow and the kids were in heaven.
And the cool thing is they all live side by side. So you come out of the woods further down to another aunt and uncle’s back yard.

One of the uncles was out cutting wood and my son knowing he is a hunter insisted on seeing his bow and arrow. They got to do target practice, which was such a cool thing for them.

WE had back to the house for lunch then visited Nana and Grandpa (who are 91 and 93) next door. My son played two long games of chess with one of the uncles while my daughter hand made tickets for her ‘frozen’ show for the whole family…

We then came home to change and took everyone out to dinner to Olive Garden…

 I guess blood draws blood cause kids just felt home with everyone. My daughter was cuddling with the aunts and my son just sat away from me between two uncles and amazed them with his excessive eating and jokes.

It was a great day…

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