Monday, June 30, 2014

First Meet

Sunday morning's outfit was inspired by a look in Spring 2014 of H&M catalog:

My blazer is much lighter in color but liked the idea of combining print shorts with a striped jacket….

Jacket - TJ Maxx
Top - Victoria's Secret
Shorts - J Crew
Sandals - Target
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Woke up very early and left the house by 7 AM to go to my son's first swim meet!
The whole family was nervous, except may be for my daughter, as we had never been to one and wasn't sure what to expect. My son's coach was there and very helpful and the swim mom's are all very friendly assisting newbies like us.
First they had this gruesome team practice of 500 yard swim but the whole team swam in one lane and given that my son is the youngest and swims the slowest he kept getting run over during the warm-up which I am sure added to his nervousness. We assured him during the race he will have the whole lane to himself.
He had the 2nd heat for boys 8 and under. Of course parents use late birthdays as a tool to sign up 9 year olds to this group. So, in reality he was competing against kids 2 years older than him. He did great though and came in third even which got him a ribbon.
My parents showed up just in time to see him race. I was an emotional wreck while he was swimming and couldn't find my voice to even cheer out loud.
So proud of him and hope this gives him  a taste.

 Warm-up craziness above. My son is wearing a green and black cap….

His Finish….

He was upset that he didn't win! 

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  1. i know all about swim daughter was a competitive swimmer for several years. she's actually looking to get back into it. congrats to your son for getting out there...there's always the next race!!


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