Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Madwoman in the Volvo

 What I wore Sunday night to our book club meeting….
Inspiration from Anthropologie:

I liked the monotone color layering of different textures. 
So instead of cream I went with blush tones. Lace shorts and metallic sweater and tulle and lace hem of the peplum top create the perfect effect.
On top layered a cream bib necklace with a pearl 'obsessed' necklace….

These are the sandals my sister got me for being her matron of honor and I wore them during her wedding. The low heel which I complained about at the time is actually quite practical and comfy.

Sweater - H&M
Top - Charlotte Russe
Shorts, necklaces - Forever 21
Sandals - Nine West
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

After my son's swim meet my parents took my daughter with them and my hubby took my son to a laser tag/circuit racing birthday party so all of a sudden I was free. After cleaning up at the house I went to the mall to do a return and check out some end of season sales.
Met up with my sister for an afternoon drink and snack before picking up my daughter and coming back home.
Then got changed and went out for our book club meeting.

The book this month was:

It had gotten some great reviews and was portrayed as a book every woman that is 40 something would relate to. Except some of us felt you really needed to be in your late 40s, early 50s to relate to what the author was going thru. And although there were a lot of parts we laughed out loud it was also depressing to find out what we had to look forward to as we got older.
I am 80% done with the book so still need to finish it. The fact that the book does not call me to curl up with it is a tell tale sign that I am not that into it I guess….


  1. Great stems! And i love the pastels in this look!

  2. Great blog ! I love it, you have nice photos, awesome looks, great style ! so lovely and chic ! ♥

  3. love how your outfit came together...the muted pinks and creams are pretty. your legs are long enough that you can rock those shorter heels and still look good!


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