Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Fab Four

Another pool/beach day outfit… Believe it or not I do have a swim suit underneath it all. I leave pretty early in the morning and do errands etc before going to our pool or beach outings so I have to have something on that looks like a real outfit. And of course looking chic never fails to make me feel good. 

Under the sweater:

Sweater - Zara
T-shirt - At the airport from Hawaii 
Shorts - J Crew
Flip flops - Havainas
Sunglasses - Ray ban
Hat - Forever 21
Necklace - Target

We had our Monday playdate at my friend's house as a pool playdate. This is the same group of friends we are going to spend 4th of July with at their cabin in Big Bear. One thing lead to another and all of a sudden completely un planned we were working on this project of self painting american flag tank tops for all 4 of us to wear. The project got more involved under the leadership of two very talented DIY mom's and sure enough 5 hours later we had 4 amazing tank tops!
We have been calling ourselves the 'Fab 4' for quite sometime now and decided to put that in the back of the tanks. My friend came up with an amazing design on the fly and the other suggested the stars and doing it in two colors. Many many steps. Lots of tracing and cutting and ironing and taping and drying time….

Tank fronts:

Four sets of '4s' were traced and four sets of 'Fab' was traced and layered upon separately and sprayed in two colors in two different steps….

The Backs:

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