Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wave crusher

 Well, not really getting dressed these days as we spend a lot of time on the beach enjoying our gorgeous city. It was overcast and somewhat chilly at the coast today so this gauze cover-up which is normally too hot to wear was perfect for today's weather...

Cover-up - J Crew
Belt, Hat - Forever 21

I left the house very early and dropped off the kids at my mom's to go to my infusion appointment followed by my hair appointment which took a lot longer than expected cause I decided to go a lot lighter and that takes many steps and she was already booked so it was a bit chaotic. My parents saved the day by taking the kids to the beach as I had planned and I met them there.
Even though it was cloudy and most of the kids were cold mine and a few others were not phased and truly enjoyed swimming in the waves after my step dad warmed up with a hearty frisbee game.

I was amazed and how good my son can swim in the waves. Even my daughter who got pummeled by them were having a blast. I did put my friend's vest on her though at the end cause she wanted to go as far out as my son and that was freaking me out a bit. I had full intention of going in my self but my hair dresser told me to not get the hair wet for a few days for the blonde to settle in.
Will have to show the hair tomorrow…

After the beach went to my daughter's Dr appointment which is by the Children's hospital that houses a huge Mc Donald's so that became our dinner before coming home for a much needed shower for the kids and 45 minutes of book reading. My son is so into Harry Potter right now. :)

 Of course he is the only one that goes in with nothing. No rash guard, no boogie board, no floaties.
His preschool girlfriends anchored with their boards. They were out there for ever.

 Mommy camp above and he came in to warm up for a bit and a snack. Never embarrassed to cuddle with mommy! :)

And I pose with my gorgeous Mommy! :)

The little princess insisted on going out as well and since I can't wet the hair I put on floaties on her to conquer the waves herself….

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  1. How nice. You guys are really enjoying Summer. It's cool to see three generations together (your mom, you, and your kids). That's so rare these days.


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