Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mon Petit Chateau

 This outfit is definitely not one of my favorites but it was a very quick dressing…

The inspiration from shopbop look:

Top, Jeans - Forever 21
Hat - Target
Boots - from Kika's fashion show

We signed up for the outdoor class but did not stay. Instead met up with my friend and took my other friends twin girls and drove south to this indoor place we have been to once and my daughter has been dying to go back ever since. The girls played and played for hours while my friend and I caught up and my other friend painted rooms at her new house.
I arranged another friend to pick up my son that bought me a little bit of time and reduced stress as I picked him up from her house instead of school.
We then came home for a little bit of rest and got the second wind to leave again to sing up for the outdoor family adventure class. Unfortunately the sign up was quite far and couldn't find a place for dinner so we didn't stay and instead I took the kids out to dinner before coming home…

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