Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dept. Of Speculation

Friday's outfit was inspired by a look at ThreadSence website and I bought these pants back then:

Hat - TJ Maxx
Top - Forever 21
Pants - Thread Sence
Necklace - a website I can't remember the name right now
Platforms - Luxury Rebel

It was my daughter's and my last day of preschool today! Quite a milestone in our lives and definitely marking the end of an era of 'mommy and me' classes I have been attending for the last 5 years.  The good news is hopefully will keep seeing some of the people via summer playdates and our teacher thru book club.
Afterwards we visited my friend who was admitted to the hospital for chest pain. I know how it is like to be in the hospital stuck to a bed with no outside connection so even though she was getting discharged we wanted to keep her company for just a little while. Then came home for a little bit and went to pick up my son and as promised took them the library then to the rec center so they can play before his swim team practice. I keep forgetting the practices are longer on Fridays and we didn't get home until 30 minutes before my book club meeting I was hosting!
Got them quickly showered and settled and my husband brought take out for them while I got ready for my friends and our meeting.
We had as usual a great discussion on our last book called 'Dept. Of Speculation' by Jenny Offill. A weird book that got really good reviews from critics but not so much from us. The interesting part was the way it was written using a distant narrator voice and just stream of consciousness thoughts that usually do not tie to each other. You follow the story from a very distant stance and never truly feel connected to the characters and therefore the book.
The cool thing is we picked a whole list of great books to read in the next few months and also picked our meeting dates too….

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