Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

 Wore this Friday.

The inspiration was from Atlantic Pacific:

Very classic as Bee has the talent to be on one day and totally cutting edgy the next.
I liked the silk scarf around the neck concept. 

Scarf - Coach
Denim Jacket - very old
Tee - H&M
Pants - Boden USA
Slip on's - Sam Edelman CIRCUS

Got my son ready for school for his last day then my daughter and I met two friends with their daughters for breakfast at a tea house. It was my friend's idea and it was lovely. The girls didn't last too long at the tea table but were able to pretend play a few tables down while we chatted and drank cup after cup a tea.

It was close to my son's school so it was perfect as I went straight from there to pick up my son and two of his friends from half day school and brought them to our house.
My other friend showed up with her son and daughter and then the mother of one of the boys came with her daughter and pizza for lunch and I had salad and drinks and it was a great get together. My son and 3 of his best buddies and two little sisters who are same age as my daughter made the perfect swim playdate to mark the end of 1st grade and start of summer…. :)

Boys went between playing ball and swimming in the pool back and forth all afternoon long...

 And the girls got along so nicely...

And at night I went to the movies with my mom and sister to see 'Blended' which was better than I had expected….

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  1. That's another great Graphic Tee and I adore the Red Crops & Gorgeous Slip-ons.

    Welcome by sometime. I miss you Daphne. Also, from June 11's post there is a link up on my blog that will stay open until tomorrow at midnight PST. Please join me and if you do, include a link back to my blog. Thanks. =)


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