Sunday, July 6, 2014


 Remember the matching tank tops my friends and I (well more them than I) designed and painted for the holiday? 
Well we wore our tanks over white denim shorts on July 4th. I added the metallic sandals and the white/silver aviators to the mix. :)

Tank - Target and DIY design
Shorts - H&M
Sandals - J Crew
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

4th of JULY:
We had a fun and adventure filled holiday weekend with our friends.
Drove to Big Bear in my car with our friends Thursday afternoon. My husband stayed behind to finish his tennis game and drive the morning after.
Unfortunately my son's sprained ankle swelled up to a scary stage by the time we arrived at big bear.
We decided to see what happens by morning and iced and put him to bed.
Had a relaxing night just chatting away with friends.

My morning though the swelling had gotten worse and of course he woke up at 5:30 AM and I had gone to bed at 1 AM so quite exhausted but feeling scared I looked up the ER address and we left quietly leaving my daughter in the house of sleeping people.
4 hours in ER just to find out it is just a sprain and nothing is wrong we came back to the house and by that time my hubby had arrived.

Unfortunately though as the forecast had predicted the weather turned and showers started.
It is tough to get 16 people out of the house let me tell you.
The kids were having a blast though as we were getting ready….

We made 8 lunch bags with sandwiches and veggies and snacks for each kid, old school style in brown bags! :)

We had grand plans of taking them to this giant slide and may be swimming in the lake but the weather and the fact that it took us forever to get on the road and holiday traffic we decided to come straight to the marina we had a boat tour reserved and killed time there.
The kids had lunch and threw stones into a pond and played while we tailgated total country style in a parking lot.
Two of the men left to buy the adults lunch while the other two got booze and it sure was a different scene for our little group….
There was some sort of a red neck wedding going on in the trailer camp ground and the DJ was playing all sorts of music which added to the funky ambience….

In our 'Fab 4' shirts and with our little daughters…

The rest of these photos are on my friend's camera...

Our girls started dancing to the music DJ was playing across the pond...

At 2 PM we walked to the Marina to board our pirate ship as the dark clouds came near and the thunder started….

The boat tour was cool but we were quite cold so it was as good as it could have been…
We were ready to come home when it ended…

At the cabin we immediately started prepping our dinner. Our host had planned smoked ribs and shish kebabs which were a total pain to skewer.

My contribution was grilled veggies. Everyone helped with chopping and skewering and since we had a limited number of skewers we first had to cook the meat then wash the skewers for the veggies.
The ribs never made it to the dinner table as we devoured them as they fresh came off the grill. Then felt guilty and called the kids (only the boys came) so they can eat some too…

Here are the veggies after they came off the skewers….

We had a leisurely dinner and since the kids seemed contend inside we didn't bother them until we were done. Then got up and seated them for their dinner. Most ate hot dogs but some tried the shish kebabs too...

After dinner got dressed in warm clothes and piled up into two cars (not 4) to drive to the fireworks. We had reserved a spot but due to rain the blankets were soaked but at least our spot was intact. 
The fireworks were impressive. Just gorgeous.
The 5 mile drive back to the cabin though took almost an hour!



  1. Such a cute outfit; the sandals are perfect. Sorry 'bout the rain but it seems you guys had fun despite it. Nice holiday activities.

  2. Oh wow there is so much happiness and positivity in this post. It looks like you had an amazing time and you sure got the best pictures. I especially love the pictures of you and your kids, they are adorable. Those brown paper bags bring back so many memories, how sweet. Thanks so much for your comment on my last post. It means a lot and I really admire you for being so kind to me.

  3. FUN!!!!! love those tanks, too! our weather was great for most of the weekend...a few scattered showers and rain on sunday, but at least the 4th was nice.



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