Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Def Leopard and KISS

What I wore to my friend's Birthday and to a KISS concert on Sunday!

My mom ordered these leggings and the top for herself but then she said the leggings stripes didn't look right. When she gave them to me I wasn't sure where I was going to wear them ever. The leggings felt too crazy and the top felt too conservative which is when Mom suggested to wear them together to balance. Still I wasn't sure what event would require such outfit. 
When my best friend sent the evite for her b-day party that involved going to a Def Leopard and KISS concert I though it would be PERFECT!

Layered 3 necklaces on top of each other to get this effect:

 My Lita's always make a statement!

Top - Venus
Leggings - some european website
Booties - Jeffrey Campbell
Necklaces - Forever 21
Purse - Thread Show
Cuffs - another odd website
Sunglasses  - Wild Fox

Took it easy in the morning as the kids were at my parents house. Slept until 10 AM if you could believe it. And after I woke up decided to go to an kid UN friendly restaurant for brunch with my hubby. Picked a spot right on the water at a local resort. Afterwards we took a walk on the beach then hit home depot to pick paint and carpet samples!
At home my parents came with the kids to use the pool while I finished up laundry and unpacking and then started to get ready in this crazy outfit…

Went to my best friend's house for the pre party! They had a taco lady serving dinner and drinks. And then the gigantic Limo Bus pulled over. Apparently they were out of the 20 person bus so they brought a 50 person bus! 
We piled in with our drinks and took turns on the pole and enjoyed the 30 minute ride south to the concert arena. 
The crowd was interesting for sure and we had cheap lawn tickets which were fine except when it got dark and you left to get food or drink or to the bathroom it was almost impossible to find your friends/spot again in pitch black. 
My leggings apparently were screaming so they would find me.
The birthday couple peeked too early and we actually left shortly after KISS was on stage but that was OK with me as I was so tired.
Fun and interesting night though….


  1. Perfect outfit for a rock concert. Hip and fun.

    (I have the same leggings and wore them on my blog [6/3].)


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