Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wave Riders

 I cut up bunch of inspiration from J Crew's summer (July) 2014 catalog. As they are just simple casual combo's that suit my life style… Here is one:

Just pairing floral shorts with a striped top and touch of sequins and metallics is unexpected…

Not sure what was going on with my camera, the colors are weird in some of the shots….

These shorts are new. I ordered them to wear with swim suits. They are super short but somehow stay put and the back has more coverage than the front so your butt cheeks do not hang out despite the short front look. Very light too...

Top - Ann Taylor LOFT
Shorts - Nordstrom's
Sandals - J Crew
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Backpack - Shoedazzle

So this was really an outfit I wore on Tuesday as we went to the beach on Wednesday and I just had swim suit and cover up on.
But the kids had a blast. We went to the beach by the gorgeous Torrey Pines Reserve/state park in San Diego. Pristine beaches at the skirt of impressive cliffs that contain lush trails. The caveat is you have to pay $12 to park. BUT, it was worth every penny as you get the park and literally just cross the street to the beach. That convenience was golden. Other beaches we circle and circle till we are dizzy to find parking and walk 10+ blocks with all the beach gear and the kids in the heat and then it all has to be repeated as we head back. Here it was a breeze.
And the beach was perfect. No seaweed, no rocks. The waves looked big but had little pull power which made it safe for kids. The water was super warm and the beach went shallow for quite a while again allowing kids to catch the wave break safely.
And those kids were hooked. First it was our 5 year old girls that caught the 'must catch the next wave' bug. They would sequel in delight as they rode the wave all the way to the shore and immediately hop off and swim back to catch the next one. They did this non stop for an hour straight before realizing they were famished and took a break. The boys were first just braving the big waves themselves. When the girls took their break they took the boards and realized how cool it was to boogie board. And funny how they all needed the rash guards for the actual reason to protect their stomachs from getting a rash.
Even with that though they all had red spots and bruises to show for their hard work all day.
My friend and I couldn't resist the unusually warm ocean either and swam couple times. It is so nice that our kids are now self sufficient in water and we can swim beside them and not have to hold their hands with every wave. It is so refreshing…

 Look at them catching the waves… They created quite the scene to watch as they sped to the shore on the wave...

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  1. Another great combination of floral on the bottom and stripes on top. Your shorts, top, sandals and bag are so pretty. The kids look like they are having a great time at the beach also. I always love your family photos.

    I miss you over my blog so please stop by when you can. Thanks. Ohh and I am having a link-up each day this week. Would love for you to link with me. Thanks babe. =)


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