Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cinderella Stay Awhile

 I created this outfit when I fell in love and bought this sheer top blouse from Zara early summer….
This was my outfit for the birthday party my mom gave for me at the beach house in Turkey.

Blouse - Zara
Skirt - Rock Republic
Heels - Bebe
Earrings - H&M
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Bracelets - C Wonder
Rings - from Turkey

In the morning as my mom and aunt got ready for the big party at night my cousin and I took the kids to a small water park within a resort….

The most adorable showers….

The kids loved this obstacle course...

Kumpir (loaded baked potato)….

Created a bed for the little one to nap mid day….

THEN at NIGHT we had a big party for some family and friends…. Set-up the tables on front lawn…
I was showered with gifts which I am not accustomed to and it was fun seeing everyone and opening gifts….

My 2 year old photo!

 With my beautiful Mom….

My mom's cousin's wife… It was also her birthday too...

With her friend… They look like fairy princesses!

 With my mom's close friend below and her daughter above….


  1. I always thought your son looked more like you and daughter looked more like your husband, but in that picture you guys could be twins.
    Happy late birthday!



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