Friday, August 22, 2014

Pearls and Skulls

 This was my outfit during the day last Sunday….
I got this fully pearl and skull adorned baseball cap from the bazaar. Knowing full well it was a bit risky whether I can pull it off without looking too young or too cheesy, but something about the full adornment that called out to me and I knew I would regret it if I didn't get it….
It is pretty cool I think. :)

Got this topshop tee from the bazaar too. It has a tulle edging around the neck and the frame of the graphic photo in the middle is neon studs. Love that touch of neon… It was XL actually but the baggy look works especially at the price of 5 Liras which is around $2.50!!!!
Hat, tee - from Turkey
Shorts, Espadrilles - J Crew

It was a casual day we started the morning by setting up the slide and mini blow up pool for the kids to play with in the front yard. My cousin joined them with a snorkel to be funny.

Then at night after a quick dinner we went to Alacati again and first hit the 'blackberry juice' vendor at the request of my son who had loved it last time we had it….

 This sign lists all the benefits of the famous blackberry juice… Pretty much cures everything from fatigue to sleep problems to throat and blood and breathing and congestion etc….

Then we met my aunt and uncle for a cup of tea, cause pretty much every hour in Turkey is tea time (morning, mid morning, afternoon, late evening…)
Where we were sitting there were these two dove like birds on the telephone wires and we first thought they were fake cause they looked perfect but then they moved and we knew they were real!

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