Thursday, August 21, 2014


Got this jumper from the Bazaar here. Usually I don't buy rompers cause they are too difficult to go to the bathroom. But this is strapless therefore same effort as pulling elastic waist pants down… 
I did my hair slick and to the back for a change and too much effort to style it for the night….
My son said I looked like 'Draco Malfoy' from Harry Potter with this hair style:
He is totally right! :)

 My mom bought me this 'Leo' necklace for my birthday...

Romper - From Turkey
Necklace - gift
Sandals - C Wonder

My cousin begged to go to the bazaar with me. So I left my kids with my parents and she left her son with the nanny and we headed off. I have been going there two saturday's in a row and we always park in the same spot and start the bazaar in the same direction and when we get to a certain point we realize it is late and turn around. Therefore I had never seen what was beyond that point. This time I held onto my cousin's arm and literally dragged her with a speed walk all the way to the end. It was quite long and then we started looking walking back… I bought the most random things. Like water bottle covers, berry strainer, more cool t-shirts two of them from topshop! Watches and even swim suits. She got sandals and dresses and clothes for her son. By the time we sat down to eat something we realized we had been shopping for 5 hours straight!!!!!
I swear though it is the most amazing bazaar…

At night my cousin's fiance's parents were visiting and we had a big family dinner where my cousin and uncle BBQ'd….

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