Saturday, August 23, 2014

Movies after Dark

 My outfit on Wed afternoon/night. Inspired by H&M lookbook:
 My shorts are shorter and I added a very cute antique silver necklace I found at a street vendor in Alacati….

Blouse - H&M
SHorts - TJ Max
Belt - Limited
Sneakers - Superga
Purse - Target
Necklace, Watch - From Turkey

My cousin and I were alone with our kids today with no car while everyone else was still in the city.
We took them for an early swim at a different beach (walking distance) then hung around home.
Once my parents got home the ladies left for a play and my step dad wanted to stay home with the kids and watch a video so my cousin and I took the car to go to the old outdoor movie theater in the summer town. Compared to city's luxurious theaters this one uses wooden and plastic chairs and has a small screen. But it brings back so many memories of going there as a whole family with my grandpa.
We ate pop corn and sunflower seeds and watched Planet of the Apes….

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