Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Outfit Day

Outfit 1:
Boyfriend jeans cuffes rolled up to calf length, black leather calf high square toe boots, flowery schiffon (anthropologie) top, burgandy shrug. All pieces I already owned. Like the sweetness of the flowery schiffon top offset by the rolled up jeans and rough looking boots. Chunky chain necklace and large onyx ring.

Activity: Babies'r'us to buy front seating car seat for my daughter who is turning 1, lunch out as family, taking kids to swim lesson.

Outfit 2:
Schiffon layered black BEBE skirt (owned it for years), purple tights, black ankle boots, white tee with grey design, black belt tied at hip, gray blazer suit jacket. Got the inspriation of this from a magazine. They showed it with purple skirt, black tights and brown boots. I swapped it up a bit based on pieces I already owned. I like the purple which is the unexpected item factor of the outfit.
I cut out inspiration photos like this one from magazines and keep them in my closet. Best is when you can match it up with pieces you already own.

Activity: Restaurant crawl (30th on 30th) at North park with the girls. Did not get to take too much advantage of the specials though. Had to leave pretty late after my daughter was in bed so a lot of restaurants had run out. But, it was still great hanging out with girls.
Will pay tomorrow I am sure when my son wakes us up again at 5 AM. Bought a clock for his room and tried to train him to not come to our room until 6 AM. Not sure if it will work.

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