Monday, January 25, 2010


I am in the process of setting up my blog. My true start date will be this Friday (1/29). I will become a full time stay home mom starting that date. Of course I will rarely stay home. My kids and I love to be out and about doing activities.
I adore my kids and plan everything I do around them and for them. Even though it is a lot of work and exhausting at times, I absolutely love it. When you are running around with kids you rarely have time to think about yourself. By the time you dress everyone, tidy up the house, you simply put on the first and most comfortable thing in your closet and get out the door without even looking in the mirror most of the time. And then you get into this habit. You start to forget what is even in your closet. You stare at these beautiful sexy clothes, the designer high heels and wonder when and where did you wear them?
Well I want to change that. I have always loved fashion. I love reading fashion magazines, I absolutely love shopping with no real purpose. I adore putting together creative outfits. So, how on earth did I end up in sweats (at least they are Bebe or Juicy)? I want to get part of my old self back.

So, goal of this Blog:
Incorporating fashion into everyday motherhood activities. Inspire all mom's who love (or used to love) fashion to once again dress up.
Every night I will post what I wore that day for which activity and whether it worked or not. I will try to post photos sometimes and give tips on where to buy certain items at great deals.

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