Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Week of Freedom Day 2

Well, since I ran about 4 errands right after my TKB (Turbo Kick boxing) class, I was in workout clothes half the day! Keep in mind it is my last week before I have both kids full time so I have the luxury of working out. :)
After shower, wore a casual and comfy outfit. Activity: Pick-up son and go to a lawyer appt. Not much to dress up for.

I feel every outfit assemble should have one item that catches attention. You can call it a focal point, or a pop of color. It is the one thing that makes people realize you put some thought into it. It is a small risk taking statement.

So my outfit: Brown banana republic LS cotton top, argyle chunky cardigan with fur trimmed hood, Cognac colored leather (hype) scrunchy boots. Interesting element: white skinny jeans.
Normally you would wear these itmes with a regular pair of jeans. But why wait for summer to wear white jeans? They go great with brown tones and bring out the white in the argyle sweater. It looks great and very cozy.

Tomorrow, getting my hair highlighted. Goal is going darker base with really blond stark highlights. We shall see... I read bold highlights are out and subtle ones are in but I have been waiting to be out of the professional work environment to do something funky with my hair. So going against the trend...

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