Saturday, January 30, 2010

Late Post: Interesting Combo

Had family and friends over for dinner so did not have time to post yesterday. My son is officially done with daycare.
Morning started funny with me trying to squeeze in a mini facial at 6 AM. However, as I reached for the light switch while I had just got into the running shower, I got electrocuted and let out a scream. My husband who had my toddler son in his arms comes rushing in. I tell him I am fine but my son who had just heard me scream and sees my face covered in my charcoal mask starts bawling thinking I hurt my face. So, hence spent the next 15 minutes explaining what is a mask and why you use it as I tried to shower!

Activities: Went to Disney on Ice with friend and son, take daughter to swim lesson, host 8 people for dinner at home...

Outfit: Brown khaki pants, sugar pink cardigan all buttoned up and worn like a sweater, red belt, with black boots and black purse. I saw this color combo of brown, pink with RED belt! on a cover of a magazine (i think it was Lucky) and thought what an interesting combo. And I own all these items. I got this very simple and small necklace at H&M for $4 it has orange, peach, pastel and hot pink colors. It goes with a lot of things including this outfit. Plus I put on my betsey pink heart cuff watch my mom got me to complete the look.

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