Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adjusting to warm weather

So, it is hot like summer all of a sudden. Figured though I can still wear my winter corduroy pants since it is only February but pair them with a tee-shirt and sandals.

Outfit: Tan color lucky corduroy pants, burnt orange tee, bana republic vest, brown leather belt with tarnished gold buckle, tarnished gold earings with orange stones, bcbg leopard wedge mules. 

Activities: TKB at the gym (did this in workout clothes and changed at the gym), playdate at a friend's house, UTC mall with the kids watching dolphins, play area and train.

I made ajdustments to the outfit in the afternoon. I ditched the vest even that was too hot. And swapped the high heel wedge sandals with flat gold open toe sandals for the mall.
It worked pretty good.  Won't let me upload an image tonight. will add the photo later...

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