Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Having issues with size

So, I guess this is a good problem to have but sure don't feel like it. None of my pants seem to fit anymore. They are all falling off of me. It is annoying because I don't want to buy new things as I feel my current weight/size is not something I will sustain. I would actually prefer to be my old size. Even when I wear belts they just look so baggy.

Outfit: black and white thin slacks (they looked super baggy), white tee with black girl head design, belt, black calf lenght military boots, black necklace.

Activities: Indoor toddler class. In the afternoon taking kids to swim lesson. I ditched the pants for a pair of jeans which were also loose but not as baggy as the pants.
I just might have to go buy couple pants may be. Or wait until summer cause I think my short will be OK.

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