Saturday, February 20, 2010

High Fashion Plaid

Weather continues to be cold (for SD anyway) so continuing to wear my boots.

Outfit: Skinny jeans, cream/peach/brown colored plaid shirt untucked by cynched with a double brown skinny belt. Slouchy boots over the skinny jeans. Topping it all guess rabbit fur white jacket. Betsey brown heart necklace and Michael Kors brown/gold watch.

Activities: Taking son to trial dance class (spent the 85% of the class sitting on the floor with him), watched acrobats in Horton Plaza mall in the afternoon than a horrendous dinner at chuck-e-cheese. Never again!

The outfit held really well. When it got hot or when my son was having a very sloppy choclate ice cream treat I took off the white jacket folded inside out and tucked it under the diaper bag over the stroller for protection.

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