Saturday, February 20, 2010

Original - Winterizing a Summer Dress

Well, the weather has all of a sudden turned back to normal here in SD. Kids have not been sleeping again so had a real hard time picking an outfit in the morning. Also my activity was going to involve a lot of walking and it is sometimes tough to be stylish when you have to wear sporty walking shoes.

AM Outfit: Seven bootleg jeans, pink guess henley top, grey hoodie with pink/blue graphic design, pink diesel sports shoes. Made it a bit fun with betsey pink necklace and pink/silver heart bracelet.

Activity: Taking the kids to the zoo in the AM. Hit Kid Ventures (indoor playground) in the afternoon before shipping the kids to grandma's house!

The outfit was barely warm enough. The sun never came out so it remained chilly. I actually could have worn uggs but had no idea the temp could drop so much from the day prior.

For the night I put together an original outfit. I always see mag photos where they wear cardigans or blazer jackets over summer sundresses to make them versatile in winter/fall as well. So, tried it out on my own items.
Night Outfit: Mustardy yellow satin sundress, brown cardigan, light brown skinny belt with brass detail somewhat tied around my waist instead of buckled, cognac colored slouchy boots over tan color fishnet stockings. Gold hoop earings. Light brown Chloe purse. To top it all banana republic khaki colored trench coat.
Activity: Dinner at a downtown restaurant with family to celebrate sister-in-law's b-day.

The sundress and the belt were both from forever 21. The dress cost something silly like $20 and the belt was $8! But paired with a few hundred dollar boots and a purse that costs triple the whole outfit total makes them look pricey!

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