Monday, March 15, 2010

Bon Voyage!

Decided to go a bit nautical today since the big event today was going on a whale watching cruise with my son, just the two of us while my daugther stayed with my mom. Nautical is totally in now. However, need to be careful to not go overboard. For example, striped top, with sailor pants, anchor necklace is a bit too much. I say pick one nautical piece and/or keep the colors nautical.
The T-shirt is something I bought a few months ago from Charlotte Rousse. It is tissue thin, and has an a-symetrical hemline which is cute. Has this barely seen red design (I think of a parrot) on it. Just enough for me to compliment it nicely with my red crinkled scarf. I chose simple white jeans and my white rocket dog sneakers (with socks, since I am always cold, especially on a boat).
Moms are always afraid of white but I find actually very practical. Because no matter what stain you collect during the day, with a dab of bleach pen at night you can make it disappear.
The jean jacket is quite old. It is actually something I bought when I had started showing while pregnant to my son. When my crop and slim fitting jean jackets didn't fit. So, this one is a size bigger but makes it comfy because of it. I like the vintage flower lining inside. This is one of my 3 jean jackets! Apparently you can never have enough as each is slightly different style. Since the scarf is bold enough I went with no jewelry except for the silver tiffany charm bracelet. Would have worn a watch but 3 out of 6 watches I own need new batteries. An errand I have not got around to just yet.

See this outfit would have looked killer with some heels. I would have tried it with my navy patent leather plaftorm peep toe heels. But again, this is reality and sneakers is the best I can do given my activities.

Today's Activities: Whale watching cruise with son (packed an additional red wind breaker which I did wear when we were on open sea), since he napped on the boat on the way back and my daughter was sleeping at my mom's, did marathong grocery shopping for the week, hitting costco and vons back to back. Just enough time to come home unload, pack snacks and take the kids to the park for a playdate (mom brought my daughter back). At home babysat a friend's kids during dinner so she can get a well deserved facial.

SO, for the TIPS section I decided to start a series of tips on 'Clothes Shopping'. I don't want to list bunch of tips and ideas all at once, so everyday will expand on one idea or a tip on shopping (or as in today 'pre-shopping').

Tip of the Day: Before you shop, re-visit your closet. Since no mommy has time to tackle this project all at once, I suggest breaking it up. One day (may be 30 minutes after kids are in bed) tackle pants, the other shorts and skirts, the other t-shirts and tank tops, dresses etc... you get the idea.
As you tackle each section, if you have not worn an item for a while or worse you don't even remember owning this item, I suggest quickly try it on for fit. Anything that does not fit, separate, the ones that do fit, assess if you still like it, will you wear it with kids, or going out? Remove anything that does not fit, or you will not wear. Will cover what to do with these later. For now, use an old bin or big bags and put these in the garage or a spare bedroom closet or attic etc... This might take up to a month but you will feel so much better for one having an organized closet and second knowing everything in there is now something that fits you and things you will wear. Once done, re-visit all those items you bagged and stored away. Go through them again, separate the items you know you will never want to wear again and nothing special you want to keep for anyone else. Donate these to goodwill. If there are expansive items that you do not want and you are up for it, you can sell them to designer second hand stores (google ones in your area) and get some money for them. Also, keep some items that do fit and in good brands but not in style at the moment. They will come back in style again and you will be glad you didn't get rid of them. They just don't need to take up space in your closet. Store them somewhere else. Those flat under bed storage bins work great if you don't have extra closet space. I use the extra space in both my son's and daughter's closet but they both have large closets. Hope this helps. Please comment if you have any other suggestions on this topic. Would love to hear your ideas and comments if this was helpful.

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