Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nautical Theme Continues...

Aaah, the weather is finally returning to classic San Diego weather: warm and sunny. However I am still a bit cold in the mornings so not ready for shorts or skirts yet but at least went with short sleeves and sandals today. The top is actually thin sweater material. It is a bit crop but not enough that it exposes my belly when I lift up the kids. It has a wide boat neck so occasionally it goes off the shoulder which is cute. I went with boyfriend jeans to match the relaxed look of the boxy top. Could have gone with a predictable white belt but decided add a touch of sparkle with the thin silver woven belt. And it helped me compliment the thin silver hoop earings. The sandals are 2 years old. They were my first 'flat shoe' purchase when I realized I can't vacation with an 11 month old in Acapulco with heels. They are comfy but not that practical to take on and off due to the buckle.
After the photo I added a single white bangle bracelet as well.

Top - Forever 21 - $14
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News Catalog - $49
Belt - Forever 21 - $6
Shoes - Charles David - $150

Today's Activities: Playdate at a friend's backyard in the am. Sea Life Aquarium in the afternoon. Parents over for dinner at night.

TIP OF THE DAY: So, contiuing the 'shopping tip' series...
Today, lets talk about our constant battle with our weight and dress size. If you follow yesterday's advice, you will probably face this issue as you try on your own clothes. Almost every women has this issue but if you have given birth or multiple births you have probably gone through some serious weight fluctuations. If you have very recently given birth or still breastfeeding I suggest hold off on any big shopping sprees until your weight settles. But if it has been over a year, it is probably time to make some piece with your weight and size. I am not saying forget about your goals of loosing those last 10-15 (or if lucky 5) lbs. It is good to always try to eat healthy and try to squeeze in exercise to continue working towards that goal. But in the mean time, instead of hiding in your sweats or yoga pants because nothing else in your closet fits and you refuse to try on a bigger size at a store, come to some sort of an agreement. If you did go and buy a few pieces in your current size, for one you will get out of those elastic pants and two you will realize your new size is not as bad as you thought when you are not trying to squeeze into something super tight. And contrary to general belief baggy clothes do not hide your extra pounds they extantuate it. Wearing complimenting clothes in your correct size will make you look slimmer. So, long story short, go ahead and pick some pieces you like and take 3 size to the dressing room and see what your new size is and shop in that size. If you truly think you will go down just buy a couple pieces for now. Personally 'baby doll' styles and those elastic bottom blousan style tops were my best friends when I still carried the baby flab tummy.


  1. Those shoes are quite cute...thats the thing I hate about cute sandals too..when they have buckles...in the summer I like to easily slip in and out of shoes

  2. Cute look, the shoes are great too!

  3. oh my gosh I love this! that top is amazing! pretty pretty


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