Saturday, March 20, 2010

Argyle in style...

Going with an outfit I wore a few times past season... I love the cute girl design on this t-shirt and the silver embelishments add a nice touch. The jacket is knit with a zipper. I am including a photo of the hoodie part as it is lined with tulle. Love all the little details of this jacket and it is very comfy. I also like the touch of green in it. Wanted to compliment the girl's bow with my black satin bow headband. I wear this ring quite often. It is a chanel look alike. My mom got one in white. I kept accumulating these silver bracelets over the years as gifts from my husband and best friends. First I was thinking they are all very similar when am I going to wear each one of them? Then I figured out I can wear them all together for a very cool effect. So, I am kind of going against my own advice today where the majority of the outfit is from Forever 21. But, at least paired with expansive jewelry and shoes. :)

Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 - $20
T-shirt  - Forever 21 - $12
Knit Hoodie - Forever 21 - $25
Satin bow headband - H&M - $6
Rose ring - Closet - $5
Various Silver Charm bracelets - Tiffany's & Red Envelope - $90-$150 each
Suede and leather ballerina flats - Cole Haan - $200 (over 8 years old)

Today's Activities: Taking son to dance class, then meeting hubby and daughter at the park for some playtime before naps and lunch. Left the kids with hubby to volunteer for the 'Princess Project' dress giveaway event all afternoon. Then met the family and my dad for dinner at soup plantation. After kids go to met, watched 'new moon' with best friend at home.

Want to start a new series on how to come up with outfit ideas...
Today's tip is on coming up with outfit ideas when actually buying a new piece of clothing. As we discussed yesterday it is a good practice to think what it will go with in your closet before you buy anyway. So you might have already thought of a few possiblilites. When you get home after the kids go to bed, try the new item on with some pieces from your closet. If you don't think you will remember these later, write them down. For example: flare jeans, gap blue blouse, navy vest, brown belt, brown boots (etc...) That way when you are in a rush you can quickly reference your list and pull out an already figured out outfit.

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  1. You look soooo cool as always and this a favorite of mine. Love the rose ring!!


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