Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orange Crush

Going with cameo and orange today. The outfit is actually a little too matchy matchy. I would like to add a little bit more edge/boldness but can't do it everyday so this will have to do today. At least the orange over cameo does add a pop of color. The necklace is silver and orange from a farmer's market in Turkey (where I am from). The hat was bought two summers ago from a store in PB. I wore a tomatoe red 3/4 sleeve cowl neck sweatshirt over this outfit as it was chilly in the morning.

Orange tee - Closet - $10
Cameo Pants - Victoria's Secret - $39
Cameo flats - Rocket Dog - TJ Maxx - $30
Necklace from Turkey - $5
Hat (can't remember where or how much but it was cheap)
Sweatshirt (not shown) Everlast from Victoria's Secret - $40

Today's Activities: Outdoor Toddler class in the am, delivering dinner to a new mom and taking kids to music class in the pm.

TIP OF THE DAY: Shopping tips continued...
What to look for when choosing and trying on items:

Style is obviously a personal matter. You might never do skirts or shorts under a certain lengthe or sleeveless tops etc... So, continue to stay true to yourself.
Just like most people, I am always drawn towards dressier clothes and shoes. But, after purchasing items that I only get to wear once or twice a month I realized I need to shop for my current lifestyle. So go for clothes and shoes you can wear everyday with kids most of the time. Look for materials that will not wrinkle easily or need dry cleanning. Also patters and designs are great at hiding those stains we tend to accumulate with kids throughout the day. Any shirt with too many buttons or shoes with too many buckles become a hassle. When you try on a clothing my test is to bend forward and see if the tops stays put without expsosing to much cleavage. I then raise my arms to apply the same test to my midsection. With pants, I bend my knees down to see if the fabric gives in and allows me to move with ease. I also look for pieces I can layer since I am cold in the  mornings and the afternoons but get warm mid day.
For shoes I am now a big fan of those sandals with zippers in the back where all the buckles are decorative only. They are so easy to put on and off. Ballerina flats and dressy sneakers work great as well. When buying boots I know if I buy flats or lower heeled ones I will wear them so much more. I absolutely love heels. Love the way they look and make me feel, so I still go for them but may be 1 pair a season. And don't think you always have to wear pants and short when with kids. Dresses with knee lenght skirts, or a-line or full skirts that are mid tigh length work fine. I also love skorts, they look like mini skirts but have the comfort of shoes. So, don't be afraid to try those on as well. If you like to keep your style always casual like I said before you can always make it a bit more chic by adding cool belts, scarfs or necklaces. They are easy pieces and can be found cheap and instantly upgrade a simple shorts and t-shirt or jean and a sweater outfit. When choosing these items go for bold colors to make the effect more dramatic. Like yellow for an black ensemble, red for a grey one etc...


  1. These are good tips! They are also kind of funny to me because I know I absolutly don't follow them! I mean, I probably should!!

    I LOVE the sandals with the zippers in the back too! So handy! I got a pair of sandals last summer and never wore them because they had too many buckles!

    For heels you might want to try Naturalizer. They actually have some pretty cool shoes. I have a couple pairs with two inch heels that are more comfortable than any of my flats!

    Oh, and I LOVE the orange!

    ps. Want to be on my mom bloggers unite list?

  2. This word orange crush sounds as good as it looks on you babe!


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