Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is another one from my list of ideas. These pants (Ann Taylor) are from my work days very long time ago. I like the idea of animal prints with bold colors like this pool blue and hot pink. After my pregnancy with my son I realized I could no longer wear the waist length t-shirts I owned. The were too short. I love the store 'Closet' for cheap purchase of basic t-shirts and tanks. They sell them in every color and style (v-neck, scoop neck, ripped, straight with lace trim etc...) and at funny prices like 3 for $10! This hot pink Tee was one of those purchases. The jacket you have seen me wear a few times now. It is from Forever 21. Even though it looks polished and dressy it is actually very practical and comfy. The material never gets wrinkled and the design is perfect to hide those mini choclate covered finger prints you tend to gather throughout the day. I also love that it has pockets to stick wet and dry wipes for those constant runny noses. The necklace is a purchase from a 'thread show' couple years back. I went with simple ballet flats (cole haan) to finish the outfit.

Today's Activities: Took the kids to the 'Diego and Dora' movie as part of the latino film festival and then got a photo with Dora. Had to tell my son Diego was napping cause it wasn't going to come for another 20 minutes and we had to get back home for naps. In the afternoon we checked out the Children's Museum (free day today) and then walked by the water at Seaport Village to enjoy the finally sunny weekend we haven't had for weeks.

So, I finally had some time last night to do some internet searching for other mom's that blog on fashion. Could hardly find any which surprised me. There was LOTS of mommy blogs but not on fashion. Found only a few but I need to comment and ask them if they are working mom's or do they just take photos of cool outfits they come up with. Cause the outfits do not seem like things you can wear when running around town with kids. If I was working that is what I would do: Make all my fashion statements with work clothes and not worry what I wear on weekends with kids. But, that was my challange and inspiration to start this blog after all. For those mom's that no longer have work to dress up for and spend all the day with kids doing kid stuff, do they give up on their love for fashion. For the past month and a half I have been able to at least prove to myself that I don't have to. With some good planning and smart purchases you can adopt today's style to your current life style. I decided from now on I would add a 'Tip of the day' to share how I shop and how (and more importantly when) I come up with the outfit ideas and how I make it work...

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