Friday, April 23, 2010

'Kordon' Walk

The photos are getting a little better. Still too chaotic in our household to take better photos but getting there.
Wore the Jean Paul Gaultier dress I got from Target again. Since it is warm here I didn't add any top layers. Just a black belt and black sandals. I can see if the weather was a bit warmer it would have been too hot as the material is nylon. The sandals don't look great in this photo but they did look good.

Dress - Jean Paul Gaultier - Target - $30
Belt - F21
Sandals - Boutique 9 Zappos - $120
Chunky chain necklace - F21 - $17

The photo is taken at my aunt's apartment balcony. Which is where I am staying with the kids. It was a holiday here today, 'Kid Day' so you see a lot of apartments have Turkish flags hanging. It is such a different world here. The kids are in such a culture shock. The contrast is less about Turkey vs. U.S.A. but more about contrast between San Diego and any cosmopoliton city. My daughter is too young to register all the details she just notices we are in a much more crowded and noisier place. But, my son who notices *everything* is so confused with the whole 'apartment' concept. He keeps thinking the whole building is the house and hence goes out the front door like stepping out of a room. And asks any stranger he sees in the hallways as to who they are outloud in Turkish which is usually fine since in US no one understands him but here it sounds so rude. It is hilarious. He is fascinated by the tiny elevators we keep stepping in and out of. And the car horns he hears all the time has him going 'beep beep beep' everytime we step outside. I had to teach him to stay away from street dogs and cats which is not something that exists in San Diego. It is so interesting to see everything from his point of view...

Here I am with the kids on the boardwalk by the city's bay. This area is right across the street from where we are staying. Trevor loved chasing the piegons and watching the lined up horse carriages.

Today's Activities: First time walking around the city and bay boardwalk and checking out holiday show performances on the street. In the afternoon a quick trip to the Dr for my daughter who has an ear infection after our 24 hour flight followed by a trip to one of the malls who has a mini kid ride park area. The kids had a blast there. We had dinner at the mall then came home just in time for my duaghter's bed time. My son is having tough time sleeping here so have had a very rough night and day today. I am trying to survive on 3-4 hours of sleep for 2 days now.
Lets see what tomorrow brings...


  1. That is such a pretty dress. Love the shoes too.

  2. Oh, I can tell that the shoes are awesome. This is a great look! And such an interesting post! Sounds so cool. Your son sounds so adorable! (and IS adorable!) So excited to "be on vacation with you". :-)

  3. So glad to hear you've found some fun things to entertain the kiddeos. And forgot to say that linen dress looked fabulous on you! I love the shoes you were wearing today too! Miss you guys already!

  4. LOVE the posts from Turkey - the fashion and especially the stories about his take on the "apartment" life and how he is so inquisitive to ask everyone questions - keep the fashion and the stories coming and hope you are enjoying the time -


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