Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tackling Urban Jungle

All I can say is thank goodness for my list of pre-tried outfits I packed for this trip because I am on night 3 with no sleep and barely standing. Regardless of how tired and dead I feel, since I have to dress to get out of the house here I am. This is one of those inspired outfits.  Here is the inspiration photo:
When I saw it I remembered I have a very similar jacket in the short sleever version. Like the idea of red and white underneath. For fall I did wear this with a white buttond own and a red sleeveless sweater like a vest. For the summer version just used the red tank. This tank is actually halter tie but I tied it strapless since it looks better this way under the jacket.

Jacket - F21
Red Tank - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Dark Grey skinny Jeans - Closet
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Silver heart loop earings - Baby Phat - Macy's

Today's Activities: After a horrible night where for the first time in my life I did not sleep all night, managed to get dressed and get my two sleepless and fussy kids to the nearest playground. More on that below... After lunch and very long 3 hour naps went to visit my grandpa at his house and have dinner. Hoping for a night with at least some sleep.

So, getting a bit more out everyday. Today felt like we would never get out but kids are even fussier without sleep so had to get out to get some fresh air and tire them out. Except it is no easy task just walking the streets of my city. Hence my title 'urban jungle'. Never mind you I have a very high quality stroller with jogger style large wheels (phil & Ted's) but still, I was exhausted from going up and down 12-18 inch high sidewalks with no ramps. God forbid if you decide to enter a store to buy water or check out clothes or something. Every store is either down or up from the sidewalk with a very high step followed by a door that is way too close to even level out at the store level before entering. The doors are heavy with absolutely no automatic entry. The stores are as narrow as can be and in food selling stores everthing is out. So of course Trevor goes crazy with all the different looking candy and choclates. Usually I can stop all these requests speaking in a language no one understands but here everyone knows what we are saying so it feels so weird. I wanted to get my watch battery replaced and got stuck in this tiny repair shop with my stroller. My son who was out of the stroller started jumping his toy lion on top of alll the wall clocks that were for sale. I laugh now but was sweating and cursing inside then. My son thought it was so much fun. More adventure stories to follow in the upcoming days I am sure...

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  1. i haven't really tried photo inspirations. I should, I have a lot of magazines. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time sleeping there but I hope you are enjoying your vacation. You still look fabulous


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