Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Packing with spreadsheets

This is a scheduled post just for fun. No outfit photos...

I realize I am crazy and anal but I truly love spreadsheets. Everyone that knows me is no longer surprised when I create spreadsheets for anything from Birthday party to do list and task assignment, to who was doing what when I gave birth to my second baby, to remodeling and of course outfits....
I have indicated before I keep my outfit ideas on a spreadsheet. Well it comes in very handy when you are packing. I went down the list and tagged with a "T" for Turkey to indicate I was going to pack them. THen I sorted by that field and by 'bottom', so I can see that every pant, skirt I was taking was used to create at least 2 or more outfits.  Then I focus on the shoes as shoes take so much space in luggage. Especially platform heels. I try to only take outfits that use the same shoes to minimize the number. Initially I had 20 more outfits more to pack but it required 2 more pairs of heels so I eliminated them. It is not realistic I will wear heels that much there since I still have the kids full time. So I left it at 3 pairs, with 4 pairs of flat sandals and 2 pairs of flip flops for the beach when summer comes if we make it to the summer town.
For kids I packed everything, since we are gone for a long time and they don't have that many clothes and what ever we leave behind they will outgrow buy the time we come back. For my daughter's dresses I kept in hangers so I can just hang them somewhere when I get there to save time. If I had the room I would have done the same for my stuff but would have weighed too much.

Here are my spreadsheets:

Here is my son's suitcase:

Here is my Daughter's (I had already moved it out of her room so she can nap so it is in the hallway):

And here is my stuff:


  1. You are so cool and organized it thrills me! Wow to you X 10.

  2. Funny that you posted this...I was hoping to see how you did your spreadsheets because I'm thinking I might like to do one for all my clothes..but that might be ALOT of work!


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