Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel Savy

Finally we are flying today. This was one of the outfits in my packing list but when I tried it on I felt it would be great for the road. I am always freezing in the airplanes, so needed an outfit with a thick jacket and have to wear socks. These shoes are perect, can wear them with socks, great for walking and since they are slip on’s so easy for the security check. The jeans feel like leggings and jeans are always good as they don’t show too many stains and easy to spot clean. The jacket is a bit dressier than my usual choice for travel but this one is made out of jersey material so it is comfy and thick enough to keep me warm.

I was inspired by this look from another blogger on chictopia. She wore a similar combo but with a white tee and pink converses. Since I don’t have pink ones I wore a pink tee instead.

I alwas like to wear a chunky chain necklace on trips with kids. When they are very fussy and I am holding them it gives them something to play with.
My suitcases don't match my outfit but once I check them in, my diaper bag for once matches perfectly.
Black boyfriend blazer – Newport News Catalog - $49
Pink tee – Target
Grey skinny jeans – CLOSET
Black leather belt – Ralph Lauren (under tee)
Converse Sneakers – converse.com - $55
Charm necklace – Betsey Johnson – street fair vendor - $20
Diaper Bag - Juicy Couture - Thrifted - $100

Today’s Activities: FLYING, waiting at airports, FLYING and waiting and FLYING some more...

4 hour flight from San Diego to Chicago,
2 hour 40 minute layover,
10 hour 40 minute flight from Chicago to Istanbul,
2 hour layover,
1 hour flight from Istanbul to Izmir.

So, we leave around 1:40 PM PST on Tuesday and arrive 8 PM on Wednesday Izmir time. That is going to be one long flight/trip…

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