Sunday, April 18, 2010

Layers of white

This combo was inspired by one of my favorite non-mommy bloggers Lida of Fashionista Talk's April 8th post. All her pieces I am sure were more expansive variations of mine, so this is the budget version of her oufit. I got these leggings on clearence from Victoria's Secret. I love the idea of colored leggings. Had not figured out yet how to wear them so I was excited when I saw her post with bright colored leggings and thought mine could work. I would also love to get a bright pink and a blue turqoise pair as well.  These are more of a teal turqoise color. Very pretty though and great quality. I love layering now. Before I used to just wear one top and one bottom that matched.  May be another cardigan or jacket if the weather was cold. Now, if I don't have mutliple layers or a belt I feel the outfit is incomplete. And God forbid if I dress matchy matchy, I feel so predictable. It is amazing how almost 3 months of blogging can make someone edgier. The eyelet corset top came from my mom. She is not wearing it anymore. I had all the other pieces. This jacket has been a great purchase (couple years ago). It always looks cool in any outfit. The collor can be high so add style and love the huge buttons. The short sleeves do not provide much warmth but oh well. I love creating another outfit to showcase the zipper heels. They are just so adorable and the chunky not so high heel makes them very wearable. I had no problem carrying my son from the parking lot to the grocery store to pick up a birthday cake and back. :)
I styled my hair in somewhat of a 60's style with a black headband. And used those 'bumpitz' to make a slight bump in the back. I love headbands. I have a huge collection. They are my go to hair accessory in summer when I leave my hair curly a lot more often.

Eyelet corset top - F21
White tunic tank - from Turkey
White crop SS Jacket - F21
Teal turquoise leggings - Victoria's Secret - $11
Black zipper heels - BCBGirls - TJ Maxx
Black bead long necklace - Nordstrom rack
Headband - claire's

Today's Activities: PACKING! My mom and step dad took the kids all morning so I can start packing. So, it took me 2.5 hours to just take out all  the outfits I will be taking to Turkey. Since my trip will be long and there will be couple days of no posts I might do a post just on my packing experience. I will take some photos of the process etc... You can all see how anal I am. In the afternoon, we went to a family BBQ at my mom's house to say good-bye to everyone. Except with the volcano situation, doubt we'll be flying on Tuesday so we are on a wait and see status at this point.


  1. I really like your jacket and shoes. Have fun in Turkey!

  2. Wow you're brave wearing those those tights without your shirts being super looks really good and your super nice legs can definatly pull it off!!


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