Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Ruffles

Another outfit combo with an item from Mom's closet: the green ruffle front top. It was longer in lenght than I remembered so that was good. I think Mom wears this with a waist belt but I wore the belt at my hips to give the ruffles plenty of room. Although it looks dressy it was comfy and the no sleeves was perfect for the super hot weather that has started today. Jeans were too hot but oh well. Again would have loved to have worn some chunky bootie heels with these but sandals would have to do with so much walking and running after kids activities. Again noting the wallet/purse is a necessity and not part of my look. I did remember to remove it but it wasn't safe to put it somewhere for the photos so still had to hold it. The shots were taken at the street festival we went to in our neighborhood. The paintings were so pretty so made the perfect background.

Green Ruffle front top - Arden B (Mom's)
Chain belt - WCkaki
Dark Grey skinny jeans - CLOSET
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Double stone ring - gift from mom from Turkey
Studded headband - Channel look alike from Turkey (gift from Mom)

Today's Activities: Attempted to walk with the kids in the AM only to realize heat has started and it makes you sick to your stomach to be outside so went back to the heavily air conditioned home. Ate ordered lunch and napped while the kids napped. Woke up and took them to the street festival in our neighborhood. We missed the kids stuff which had started at noon but was able to catch the exhibits and start of one concert. Saw couple vendors that were selling beautiful hand made necklaces from fabric and crochet. See photos below. Bought a super pretty one that reminds me of the Turkish Flag (same colors of red and white).  Afterwards we went to the water front (across the street) and had dinner at a cafe there. Saw the parade while having dinner as well. Kids had gotten gross at the playground so came home for a much needed bath and bed time. Hopefully no one will wake up tonight.

Here is the lady that makes and sells these hand made crochey/ribbon and natural stone necklaces:

Here is a closer shot of her table:

I could have chosen 5-6 but since I had a limit went with this red and white one below:


  1. We loved your picture on chictopia so we came by to visit!!The top, again, is amazing!! Really suits you!
    ALso, we Love your blog!! Keep up the good work!!
    We hope you had a lovly weekend with your family!


    We hope you come by & pay us a visit!!:)
    Hopefully you'll follow us!

  2. I love the green top so much! I'm all about green, seriously.

    I even had a post recently with the title Green Ruffles too!


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