Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello Barbie

This was a combo I actually tried it on before packing. The night I tried it on I felt like it looked like a Barbie outfit. For the life of me I couldn't find where I wrote it down and how I tied the shirt (tied at waist, using its self belt, or a separate belt) so I went as seen above. Not sure if it reminds me of a Barbie outfit anymore but went with this title anyway. It would have probably had a similar effect if worn just the shirt and the capri pants. But, I do love layering and  this eyelet corset top adds more interest to the outfit. I love the white on white look with touch of black. These heels with the zipper ruffles looks so cute under these capri pants.  The chunky multi chain necklace compliments that zipper detail on the shoes. Notice how my hair is curly, my aunt's method seems to be working like a charm. Who knew it could be so easy. It is hard to refrain from brushing my hair as I am used to brushing it after showers, every morning and every night. Now I only comb it in the shower and that is it. Very LM.

Photos taken at my mother's friend's house which we were invited for dinner tonight.

Black and white satin blouse with self belt - Forever 21
White Capri Pants - D&G
White eyelet corset top - from Mom's
Leather shoes with zipper ruffles - BCBGirls
Silver chain worn as a bracelet - my husband's made by my aunt
CZ ring - from Turkey
Multi strand chain necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: My sister is here visiting. Woke up on time and took the kids to the beach just her and I. It was windy and the sea was too wavy but lots of other relatives and friends showed up so it was still fun. After naps my cousins arrived. Just the girls took my son to eat 'lokma' which is a special dessert made out of dought fried in oil and served with syrup. Then the cousins and my sister entertained the kids at home. After the kids ate we left for dinner at my mom's friend's house whose daughter is my friend as well. It was a nice long night.

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  1. 2 words: va voom. You look awesome!!! You are one hot momma!


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