Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping it Casual

Another very casual and simple combo. Not much going on these days so no need to dress all up. This is just a simple white tank with khaki shorts. Did spice it up tiny bit with a leather belt and a long necklace, but continued to keep it simple with gold flip flops. It could have been a dressy combo if I went with brown high heel sandals. I tried on 3 different necklaces with this. First was my brown leather and bronze coin necklace. Of course it looked great but it was almost too matchy which you know I tend to not like since blogging. Then I went with a simple white bead and shell necklace which was also good but this long gold chain with an ivory tooth and coin charm seemed to work the best at the end. Paired it with white/gold watch and white/nickel ring.

The background is my parents' summer house wall. My stepfather is an artist and he had thee fishes cut out of tin and they are all nailed with a single nail where their eyes would be. When it is windy their tails flap giving them swimming effect. Pretty cool....

White ribbed tank - Target
Khaki shorts - JCrew
Leather belt - Limited
Gold flip flops - Bebe
Gold long nekclace - Forever 21
White watch - Michael Kors
White/nickel ring- Swatch

Today's Activities: No housekeeper/nanny today (she is on vacay) so woke up with my lovely daughter at 6:45 AM! after going to bed at 1 AM. Brutal. We were done with breakfast and getting dressed by 9:15 of course so decided to just go to the beach early. But took the stroller instead of the car and as I had hoped my daughter did fall a sleep so she got caught up a bit. Had a nice beach day, stayed longer and had lunch there even. My mom's cousins have arrived and they use the same beach so we meet lots of family members now which makes it fun. I crashed hard when the kids went down and thank goodness my mom got up with the kids so I could nap longer. Once again were too lazy to do beach in the afternoon. Hung out at the house and played water games. After dinner took the kids for a stroll and ice cream. Told you not much to dress up for! :)

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