Thursday, July 22, 2010

When in Rome

My family gives me such a hard time about these poses where I look up. They go 'what are you looking at?' but I think usually they come out cool. They also say I should try different poses so tried a couple sitting ones below. I have worn this top a few times before and love it. It looks good no matter what I pair it with. I initially was going to wear my red wedge heels under this and they looked good but it was way too matchy and took away from the casualness of it, so went with the denim sandals instead. I realize the sandals match the shorts but as I have said many times I only have a 8 pair selection on this trip. I CAN NOT wait to reunite with the rest of my shoe collection back at home. I wore my silver heart baby phat loop earings initally but then we were trying on jewelry at my aunt's and I fell in love with the pair I have on. Sun was setting so kept them on for the photo shoot. They will go great with an evening dressy outfit I think. The top part is a black pearl, middle stone is turqoise and the bottom is a black topaz all connected with gold scrolls handmade by her.

I am sitting on what is supposed to be a fountain but this summer we had to cover it with pillows so my daughter won't fall into it!

Notice my legs are covered with spots? They are mosquito bites. Inevidable here.

Striped knit top - Forever 21
Faded thin denim shorts - from Turkey (WeiJL)
Denim ankle cuff sandals - Steve Madden
Yellow watch - Forever 21
Earings - Handmade by my jeweler aunt

Today's Activities: Had car troubles so cancelled beach and did the pool on the lawn activity again. My aunt's housekeeper's son is here who is 10 so he got my kids playing pretty hard. After naps (my son did not nap which is normal if he is not tired out by beach/swim) my sister arrived. We all went to the beach together. After dinner and kids went to bed went to the movies (again the tiny open air theater here) to see 'When in Rome'. Cute movie.

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  1. Love the top. Must go out and find one just like it.


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