Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My stepfather the artist is here so hopefully we'll have some cool photo shoots if we can manage with the kids. Went to a cool Marina today so great backgrounds. This was supposed to be a super casual combo but when I put it on I liked that even in its simplicity it actually looked chic and dressy. I loved how the mustard yellow tank goes with the stark white shorts. The gold bib necklace immediately brings it up in the dressy scale. Forgot to take closeup shots but I am also wearing a lot of bracelets: one arm I have a burnished gold leather and silver chain necklace tied around for a multi layered bracelet. On the other arm is my 4 colors of beaded evil eye bracelets in navy, orange, white and yellow. The faded gold thongs complete the look.
HAIR NOTES: You will notice my hair is puffier and curlier than usual. I am adopting a new method I learned from my aunt who also has very curly long hair. I call it the dirty method. It requires you to only shampoo your hair once a week! You can get your hair wet in the sea everyday but you simply wash it with plain water afterwards and never comb. Every other day you can use conditioaner while washing. After towel drying you put curling creams. I still had to curl just the front layers which were frizzing when dry but all the other parts remained non frizzy. So, may be this will work. Cause it is such a pain to maintain any kind of hair style when you go to salty sea twice a day with kids that splash water even when you try not to get your hair wet!

Mustard colored bra top tank - CLOSET
White shorts - Target
Faded gold thong sandals - Chinese Laundry
Gold Bib necklace - Kohl's
gold leather and chain necklace worn as a bracelet - Forever 21
evil eye bead bracelets - from Turkey (Alacati Bazaar)

The phtos below are infront of a 'wish tree' loved its colors:

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning. Really becoming friends with the mommies and their kids who come to the same beach everyday regularly like us. After lunch and naps we hung around the house for a while. Late afternoon got all dressed and went to the Marina. This area was always a marina but this year they built large cobblestone walkways connected with beautiful bridges and a great selection of classy restaurants, bars, clubs and shops which stay open until early morning hours. We have been to this place many times before this summer but always at night after the kids have gone to bed. It was nice to go during the day so we can see te entire water/boat view. My son and even my daughter loved walking the cobblestone walkways and bridges which was good since we can only fit a single umberella stroller in our tiny rental car. Had a late snack at kumru shop then had classic gyro dinner in the classic downtown shopping area which is right near the Marina.

This and the cover shot were taken in front of this amazingly beatiful blue wall which belongs to a restaurant called 'Gant'.... I think I might copy this color scheme (blue with grey and white and stone) for a future room or living room in my next house...

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  1. You look great in yellow! As a fellow mommy and curly haired lady, I am so happy to have found your blog!!=)


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