Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue, blue, blue and then black...

So, you have read below how I actually got ready and dressed in this outfit as it was a record. But the combo itself was on my list. Not sure what inspired me for it. Possibly the desire to wear these heels that I very seldom get to wear them. They are 2 yrs old and of course due to limited wear look like new. I do like the combination of 3 tones of navy/dark blues with the black pants. I forgot I actually had a 4th blue tone there with my purse but never held it for the photo shoot!

Rushed out of the house in such a crazy fashion that I actually took these photos with my mini tripod in the parking lot of the restaurant I was meeting my friends at! Got a few very strange looks from people to say the least!

Dark navy sweater top - Target
Electric blue tank top - Arden B
Black plazzo pants - Bebe
Navy patent peep toe platform heels - Steven by Steve Madden
Long gold necklce with blue stones - Arden B
blue bead necklace with gold coin charm - from Turkey
gold watch - D&G
gold and turquoise ring - handmade by my aunt in Turkey
sunglasses - Channel

Today's Activities: Had to get up super early to make it to my 7 AM Dr/infusion appt. Of course this had to be the night my son woke up 3 times for potty or wanting to be tucked in only to end with him coming to our bed 10 minutes before my alarm went off to sleep with us. I left this craziness to my husband who would feed and dress the kids and drop them off at my mom's for me to pick up after my appt. Had lunch and grandma's and brought home two very happy and tired kids for naps. Figured I had left over sides for dinner and that I would just buy a ready rotissari chicken for dinner in the afternoon. never happenned. Went to a beach playdate with the kids. Since the water is always cold on this side of the country figured they would just play in the sand and get their feet wet. But my kids managed to get sooo dirty that it took me super long time to just rinse out the sticky black sand that has to be scrubbed off from their waterproof sunblocked skins. By the time I should have been leaving my house to meet the girls for dinner I was heading home where all 3 of us were still wet and sandy. Made an executive decision to have a family shower in mommy and daddy's tiny shower. Kids love it of course and it worked. Got everyone showered in under 10 minutes. Luckily my husband walked in just as I was finishing dressing up my daughter and took over. Got ready and sneaked out before kids can re-attach themselves. Nothing like the best girl chat over happy hour martinis to get over a busy and long day.


Love to hear your thoughts...