Friday, September 3, 2010


Was not really dressing up blog worthy today but figured even the basics can be made a bit more interesting. This is just your basic white tee with a jean outfit. I realize the cut of these jeans are not really in style but they are so comfy. For a basic white tee I picked one with a little bit of sequins on the neckline for some interest. Since comfort was my goal I went with street sneakers but decided to go dressy with an updo hairdo and fringe rhinestone earings. I am never quite comfortable with my hair up. I feel I don't have the right features to pull it off most of the time. Was being brave today. I do like this double headband and it stays put most of the time.

White tee- Express (bought in Turkey at a bazaar for $1.50)
Jeans - Citizens (of Humanity)
Belt - Target
Headband - Target
Sneakers - Rocket Dog
Clip - from Turkey
Earings - Forever 21
Watch - Bulova

Activities: This was my outfit yesterday.  Wore something cute today too but never had time for photos nor will I have time to post anyway. Yesterday was jam packed with swim class and shopping in the morning followed by music class and costco shopping in the aftenroon. Then had my sister over for dinner and did a super quick trip to Nordstrom rack literally 20 minutes before they closed since I couldn't leave until at least one kid was in bed. Thank goodness for great return policy just bought stuff I am contemplating with the idea that I can just return them if I changed my mind. I now have decided I would like to switch to a normal (a super cool and stylish) tote bag instead of a diaper bag. So, searching for that ultimate bag. I have my eye on this animal print Michael Kors one but too pricey. Did find a tad smaller one online for a good deal but not sure if I can fit everything. Did buy a cool bag at the Rack from Marciano by Guess (sp?). It is purple, burgandy and lavendar leather with silver chain details. I am going to search a bit longer before using it in case I find something cuter. I also might change my coach wallet bag. This thing is attached to me at all times. The electric blue patent leather was cool but thinking of finding something more fall/winter, may be will go animal print in that. Need to hit the actual Coach store to see what new styles are out there. They seem to make the best wallet/purses.

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