Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red Pirate

I wore this same outfit couple weeks ago the day I had horrible news and never did a photo shoot. Decided to wear it again so I can blog and it was going to be perfect for the firehouse museum with the red touches but we ended up going somewhere else. This tee is tissue thin and I love the sides are longer than the front and the back. It would have looked fine over a pair of jean shorts but I thought it really pops out over white shorts instead. Instead of jewelry I decided to go with this real cute hair elastic and do a side braid so it would show. I know my best friend gave these to me but can't remember if it was from hong kong or japan or from a goodie bag she got in one of those 'sassy chic' events. Anyway, they are very cute. To finish the outfit off going with the plastic red beach shoes I got from a Bazaar in Turkey.

Blue tee - Charlotte Rousse
White shorts - Target
Red plastic ballet flats - from Turkey
White watch - Michael Kors
Evil eye bracelet on a red string bracelet - from Turkey

Today's Activities: So, found out last minute the firehouse museum was closed so decided to meet the playgroup at the zoo instead. These shoes were totally wrong for the zoo but too late. I survived. Funny how when you go with 4 pre-schoolers, 2 toddlers and 2 babies between only 4 mom's you don't get to walk that far or fast anyway. Kids took a super long nap which helped me get ready for both dinner and dessert I was cooking for the afternoon guests. Had friends come over early afternoon for a swimplaydate just as the kids were waking up. It was warm enough for a nice swim. My brother joined us which was very helpful with the kids so I could host the guests. After they left and I cleaned up, it was time for dinner. My dad came over for a nice dinner at home.


  1. If I didn't see the pics on the side here, I would never believe you had two kids! You look awesome, and those shoes are too cute!

  2. Adore those flats :)



  3. I love the playfulness of the outfit. The red shoes are adorable.


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